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Instant Blacklist Check

Because we are connected to the GSMA and their Global Device Blacklist Registry you can be assured that the data is from all their connected networks from around the world.

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Device Authentication

Before we process any checks, we validate whether the IMEI submitted is valid, therefore protecting you further from trading fake mobile phones.

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Make & Model Varification

We can confirm the Make and Model of a handset from it's IMEI, detecting possible fakes and reprogrammed handsets.

The most comprehensive checking tool in the world

MobiCHECK® is our mobile device checking service that provides instant access to our extensive data ecosystem to help you identify devices that have been stolen or barred. Combining live data from four key sources, including insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Recyclers and Mobile Networks, MobiCHECK® is an instant due-diligence solution that provides assurance that the phones you purchase are comprehensively checked and suitable for re-use and re-sale.

We check device IMEI numbers live against a variety of independent datasets, including the GSMA Global Blacklist Registry, to provide the most up-to-date information possible on the history of a mobile phone, including whether or not it is network blocked, has been reported lost or stolen, is under finance, or has been subject to an insurance claim. MobiCHECK® is trusted by law enforcement, insurance companies, recyclers and well-known high street retailers.

With MobiCHECK® you can make important buying decisions instantly based on the most up to date data available, identify compromised devices prior to purchase, carry out an IMEI validation check to ensure the phone you’re trading is not fake!

Protect your self with MobiCHECK®, providing security and peace-of-mind that you are protecting yourself from mobile device fraud.

What we do

Mobicode provide desktop, apps and web based tools for companies who buy and trade mobile and other digital devices.

Our services offer a turn key end to end solution to our customers who trade-in, test, buy and resell mobile handsets. This solution is deployed globally in retail stores, and distribution hubs.

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